On Humans and Their Burdens

“Humans have a tendency to collect, memories, epiphanies, emotions, regrets, and store them in a bag that we drag around for the rest of our lives.”

You Called Me Achilles

“I don’t know how to end this poem. It might be because I never understood war, so in a way I can never lose.”

The Moon

“I can’t help but stare every night the way you shine brighter than the stars.”

Letting Go Of Your Ego

Most of us think that we deserve things; the life we didn’t get, the happiness we didn’t get, the car, the person we deserved, anything and everything.

Tips for Starting a New Semester

It’s that time of the year again. The beginning of a new semester. This article will provide tips you can do before, during, and after class to help you become a successful student this semester.