“So much of who I was lies shattered on my floor, broken and even still all alone, how lonely it must be, to be me that is broken, to be me that exists hollowed. But this emptiness is just natural to me.”


“to get to this point of no turning back, i was lost in it too much.”

You Called Me Achilles

“I don’t know how to end this poem. It might be because I never understood war, so in a way I can never lose.”

The Moon

“I can’t help but stare every night the way you shine brighter than the stars.”

what’s in a name?

“could a name be a star? a mere lonely streetlight in the vast night view? can it be a piece of the past, a reminder?”

Because We Forgot

Do you remember
A little boy washed up on the shores of a sea
Who promised him a better home
Than his own?


“Fire, do teach me, the secret of your strength. For the world is a cold, dark place and it’s you that I need to become.”


“It just feels so heavy to float.”


“the shadow who was my enemy has won and has become all of me.”