On Humans and Their Burdens

Art featured by Jun Cen for NBC

Carrying too many bags, each one as bulky and crippling as the other, humans exist as beasts of burdens, mortals with contrasting, explosive sentiments that never seem to balance out each other.

We subsist as slaves to the guilt passed down by the actions of our ancestors, the vices that we foster in the cracks of our soul, and the regret we carry forward to bestow upon the children of our future.

Humans have a tendency to collect, memories, epiphanies, emotions, regrets, and store them in a bag that we drag around for the rest of our lives. with each passing day, we add a couple more things, till these bags overflow.

Even then, we never let go.

We bring out new bags and fill them to the brim, and do this till our hearts forget how to beat anymore. we pass these bags as heirlooms to the preexisting burden of what awaits people of the future.

Our hands may turn raw and red, our lungs will run out of breath, but we hold on and carry these bags as if they were the rarest diamonds mined from the deepest parts of the earth.

But they aren’t diamonds, they are poison, that slowly cripples us with its weight and forces up to give up. They are bags full of things that hold us back from moving on and living our best life.

Carrying too many bags, we humans need to learn how to let go, of things that are worthless, of things that hold us back.

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