what’s in a name?

Artwork featured by Liza Rusalskaya

what’s in a name?
is it only for your pride and glory?
is a name just a word?
a split-second of culture? a vision of prestige?
or yet another tv-show worthy moral story?

some names are born
with the power
to smoothen out a small sullen frown.
some are birthed
in a house of agony,
brawling for the fallacy of a virtuous crown.

some are given a status;
one they do not stand for
nor fight for, the battle within sufficient.
some names are pioneers
creating strength through people’s ideas & thoughts
ah, if only they were omniscient…

could a name be a star?
a mere lonely streetlight
in the vast night view?
can it be a piece of the past, a reminder?
a mirage of a constant,
the unceremonious yearning for something new?

could a name be the last chapter
of a worn out book that asks to be read again,
for you to find its well-written parts over and over?
can a name mean more
than a withering flower or a memory that’s fleeting?
can a name become one that you love with fervour?

a name does not define you
but really? does it mean more?
more than just letters,
sounds and familiar enunciations
that help you be ‘yourself’, that exist to only reassure?

what’s in a name?
they’re mundane and they often leave you weary
but maybe names aren’t so ordinary
for it’s those ordinary names
that make our monochromatic days
a little bit colourful, and a little more than extraordinary.

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