little room with plastic stars

Art featured: Summer Nights by Karolis Strautneikas

lights off
and i reach out with those little arms once again
too far off
the cold wind finally learns to say my name
it knows i want,
to be amongst those fluorescent stars,
far above our mere 3rd floor ceiling and a joyful cartoon mars

just be
with thumb fights and giggles under the covers until we’re shushed
to see
sleep long tucked away when silent tears grace their cheeks
glow in the dark,
like those fireflies against the darkness in the hot summer night
“get off the mosquito net and get out of my sight!”

i remember
when we collected stickers and drawings to put on our bedroom door
until december
the seven years in our stuffy room were painted over in plain white
and suddenly i
didn’t think much of it, it never really hit me, not at all
the city behind me, and the pale sky above, i waited for a new star to call

i wanted
my own space, an escape, for the longest time
i needed
to see those lights again, to hold them in the hollow of my palms
and i will
still stay, even after i grow too big for my little cartoon mars,
my little houses and my little plastic stars

even with
all this moving and packing
and these
changing feelings, unfamiliar people and frantic city lights
i guess
nothing will ever change me, really
all i have to do is reach up with my arms and see
i know those stars will still wait for me

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