Artwork featured by Yin Fang

Crackle, went the flames,
as they breathed to reach higher,
Oh, could you teach me something,
The one who’s known as ‘fire’?

How is it that you climb so quick,
Uncaring of the clock’s menacing tick?
How is it that your hues that glow,
Seem to mingle with the air and flow?

How can I be like you?
As carefree as your flames,
That lick the world with its heat.
How do I become a being like you?
With an aura of power so strong?

Oh fire, do teach me,
The secret of your strength,
For the world is a cold, dark place,
And it’s you that I need to become,
To hold my own in this
Frigid never-ending land.

Teach me, o great one,
To be one with the air,
To reach out with my warmth
To the countless of cold beings,
To rise against the odds,
And burn with all my might,
Till my flames wither away to non-existence.

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