Artwork featured by Jun Cen

i’m encapsulated in my own head 

suffocating to even breathe again

when my mind is on a high speed chase 

and i can’t seem to catch up to be in my own space 

when the thoughts seems to never end 

but i’m having trouble even understanding what they said 

everything slows and it feel like it’s losing 

but in my head i’m dying i’m bruising

what used to be familiar now im not so sure 

those same people i knew

feels like they don’t see myself anymore 

and i question if it’s just all in my head that’s ablaze or my hearts truly on fire with the days reaching endgame 

i dont recognize myself anymore 

the me i used to be disappeared completely 

and all thats left are the shadows i see bleakly

the shadow who was my enemy has won and has become all of me 

im screaming inside dont you hear me?

save me from this demon 

save me from this hell 

won’t you please save me from myself 

– dion

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  1. Sarah Neiman says:

    I loved it, the way I felt every word

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dion says:

      thank you so much!! :’)) you made my day this means so much to me, thank you thank you! <33

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Sarah Neiman says:

        It’s was absolutely beautiful, and it resonated with every fiber of my being, thank you for being brave enough to write and share it, I was wondering if you’d be comfortable with me printing it out and framing it? It’s ok if you’re not, I would just really love to print it out over one of my nature pictures, I can send you a photo when it’s done 🥺


  2. solid piece Dion. been there .felt that .cheers .keep up the work .


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