The Glamorization of Sex Work and Why It Needs To Stop

“Fooling so many young and impressionable women into thinking they would gain instant fame and success if they just waited a little while longer. We need to deconstruct the narrative that sex work is that effortless of a job.”

finding comfort: mono

“mono by RM is more than a playlist. It’s a safe space that people run to. It’s the concrete ground that keeps you upright when you feel yourself stumbling.”


“So much of who I was lies shattered on my floor, broken and even still all alone, how lonely it must be, to be me that is broken, to be me that exists hollowed. But this emptiness is just natural to me.”

Dream; Where Do We Go From Here?

“I used to find comfort in hearing the words “You’re still young, there’s a whole future ahead of you.” I believed that— most of the time.”


“to get to this point of no turning back, i was lost in it too much.”